20 Percent July Progress Report

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20 Percent July Progress Report

In the past few months we all have had the pleasure of working on BloodQuartz Studio’s first original short film. We have come a long way from where we started, and we’re all very proud of what this film is turning out to be. So here’s a quick status report to share what we have all done so far.

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We all have been able to watch something that started out as just a small script transform into real life. Once we found our actors we were able to begin creating a rich world. Our art department went out to begin designing sets to be tailored to each character and their personality, and at the same time our photographers began photo shoots to add to the sets, just for another layer of immersion for the film. We want to create a world that feels lived in. 

After all of prep work we were able to start filming. The first day opened up and our art department began making the world come alive. The film required a bar bathroom to be disgusting, so they made it horrifying. They created fake vomit, fake poop smears, fake pee, they essentially made the worst looking bathroom any of us have ever seen out of common household objects. All the cast and crew took turns walking in and gagging at the sight of it and walking out, to tell another person that they have to see what a good job had been done. We shot the bar scenes and then moved on to scenes that took place outside in the heat. Luckily though, we had created custom branded frozen yogurt cups and filled it up and kept our actor cool in front of the camera. Shortly after, we finished, and all went home exhausted and ready to start the next day. 

20 Percent Film Screenshot

The second day of shooting started out with more miracles from the art department. We transformed an apartment into two distinct homes for different people and made them all look lived in. Filming began and we were able to quickly put our Ronan gimbal to good use, making quick smooth shots to make the movie come alive. We filmed the first scene and moved on to the next set, where we would continue to make quick, effective shots and finish the day with an impressive amount of footage. 

The third day we were able to shoot a scene in a bathtub with our fantastic actor, Ken Ronk. Despite some technical difficulties, we were able to persevere through and shoot one of our favorite scenes in the whole film.

We are well on our way to making a film that we can all be proud of, and we are very excited to see where the coming weeks of filming will take us.

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