Love is Blind: Short film

A blind woman Hannah and her seeing eye dog live alone in her home, right next to some very kind neighbors. When the Pandemic of Covid-19 starts kicking off in the US, self quarantine is enforced and Hannah is forced to lock down by herself. Or so she thinks.

What will happen when the doors get locked for the night? Will she be able to make it through, or will she be just another casualty during the pandemic?

A 911 call from a concerned neighbor was almost enough for police to catch the perp in the act, but just as the dispatched cars arrived, the unknown man escaped. Police say that they consider him armed and incredibly dangerous, so we urge you, please lock your doors and stay inside. The only lead police have at this moment is a note left at the crime scene. It reads, ‘Love Is Blind…’

-Channel 4 News


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