Nadine Salameh

Nadine Salameh

Nadine Salameh was raised in a household that valued and practiced Palestinian and Jordanian traditions, which consisted of speaking fluent Arabic and the drive to constantly be working.

Nadine has two siblings - a fraternal twin brother and an older sister, both of whom she remains close to.

In 2015, she graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in Forensic Science, but even more impressively, she quickly changed her path in life after realizing working in a lab was not what sparked joy in her. Nadine thrives off adrenaline and being in social environments so, after months of deliberation, she decided to join the Arizona Police Academy, graduated on time, and received her certification to become a police officer. Worked as a street cop for a few years.

Although the excitement of working as a cop was far more aligned with Nadine's desires in life (she was also on the force with her brother), she realized again, she was in the wrong line of work. Confused and in her mid 20's, she was trying to find herself (aren't we all?) and became more acutely aware of her creative aspirations.

And then the lightbulb turned on... Acting!

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