BloodQuartz’s October of Short Horror Films – The Winner’s Room & Love is Blind

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BloodQuartz’s October of Short Horror Films – The Winner’s Room & Love is Blind

It’s been another month so it’s time to catch all of you guys up with what BloodQuartz Studio has been up to. This month is a special one though, because we just finished not one, but two original short films that were inspired by The Jacob Owens Short Horror Film Contest 2020! We are beyond excited to premiere the finished products soon but until then we’d love to share some behind the scenes photos and stories.

Our first film to enter production was called ‘The Winners Room.’ It was written by the mind behind Shady Strangers Productions, John Carr and directed in collaboration with BloodQuartz Studio’s own veteran Lyle Dillie. Together they created a bloody disgusting character drama that’s been described as “a really really messed up breakfast club.” You can see our IMDB for it here; 

The production of this film might have been the most fun that the cast and crew has had filming so far, and it shows. You can feel the passion of the filmmakers dripping from this film and you can tell how much care was put into this being a “winner.” Whether it was melting someone’s face off with acid or having our in-house sushi chef slice into someone’s arm, nobody was safe from the special effects done by our good friend, Joseph-Rob Cobasky. Check out his instagram here to see more of the crazy stuff he’s been up to;

“I wanted what I do to get out there and be seen by as many people as I can and BloodQuartz helped get people exposed to my work… I love being able to have creative input too”

-Joseph-Rob Cobasky

But it’s not just special effects that made this a great film, it’s also the performances done by a cast of amazing local actors. When you get down to it, this is a horror themed character drama and without some of the best local talent, this film wouldn’t be half as great. Starring Ryan and Jennifer Slack as game show hosts and Gabby Barbosa, Rob Hemen, Selena Barash, Wayne Lundy, and Erin Caneer as victims… I mean contestants. Yeah, that’s what I meant.


Our next film to be shot was a collaboration between both sides of BloodQuartz Studio, veterans and non veteran students all teamed up and worked tirelessly to make this newest project come alive and rip you to the edge of your seat. That film is of course, “Love is Blind.” Focusing on suspense, this film was meant to teleport you into another world that will leave you begging for more. Check out our IMDB page here; 

The starting block for this production was an amazing concept. The writer’s room all sat down and asked, ‘What would it be like for a blind person to be stuck in a horror movie?’ The gripping, terrifying answer is found in this film. (Hint: It’s not pretty)

Ash Hatzer, Rebecca Heizelman, Zion Jones, and Ted Tanaka all teamed up to create this experience that we all want to be shared with you. As scary as the final product was though, production was a blast. Between all the time the crew setting up intricate one take shots and the cast religiously practiced their delivery, everybody made sure to have some laughs and have some fun on set. The cast took selfies with corpses, the crew took ice cream breaks, and everybody remained excited all the way through to see the final product.

“I enjoyed the project being a student film as I felt more comfortable on set and less stressed out because I was with my peers.”

-Rebecca Heizelman

But what more can I say about how hard everyone worked to make these films a highlight of BloodQuartz history before I just have to insist that you guys stick around to check out the big premiere. More information will come very soon, I promise.

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