The History of BloodQuartz

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The History of BloodQuartz

BloodQuartz Studio is growing at a rapid rate, and it is very easy to get lost in what’s going to happen in the future. However, before we get all caught up in the future, We’d like to take a journey back and discuss past BloodQuartz Studio projects that got us to this point.

Going back in time, BloodQuartz Studio was partnered with Estrella Mountain Community College’s MTI club and the Fractured Pi Collaborative as a way to bring film experience to students. During this time several projects were created, most notably being Flapdoodle, John’s Big Idea, and Reflections of an Artifact. So let’s take a closer look at these films and see what opportunities BloodQuartz Studio brought these students.

Flapdoodle was a collaboration with local writer, director, and actor, John Carr. In this film, a man in the old west visits a brothel and has an experience that he hopes to be called back for… This film featured  camerawork, special effects, animation, and editing all by veterans and non veteran students. We are proud of providing so many experiences and opportunities to learn to young people who are interested in pursuing film both as a hobby and as a career. To watch flapdoodle, click here

John’s Big Idea is another film made in collaboration with John Carr. This film is special though, it was featured at the IFP/PHX 48 hour film Challenge 2019. Having a film featured at a film festival is not an achievement many students can claim. This film follows the fictional production of a 5 minute short film that is to be presented at the IFP/PHX 48 hour film Challenge 2019. The writer, played by John Carr, was blackout drunk when he came up with the idea though. He now has to go through his strangest film shoot with no clue what he’s doing. View the film here;



Finally we come to reflections of an artifact. My personal favorite film made in collaboration, it is a touching story of life, love and memories. Its writing is superb and that’s not even mentioning the technical aspects. The color was done masterfully by our own Lyle Dillie, and the 2D animation was done frame by frame by the students working in the project. Learning to mix film and animation together at the same time is a very impressive skill to have, especially at the age of some of the students. The most impressive part being that this was a fully student lead film. This proves the amazing things that people can do with just a little bit of guidance. Check this film out here;

BloodQuartz Studio continues to bring services to non veteran students today, by partnering with Estrella Mountain Community College again to bring light to the Diversity Advisory Council’s Award of Excellence that will be presented to a student in the near future. 

If you would like to see BloodQuartz Studio’s touch as many people as possible, be them veterans or non veteran students, please consider donating through Creative Drill Sergeants. It is and always will be our goal to put people on the path to success in doing what they love, while also helping prevent homelessness or suicide by using the expressive arts. 


Thank you for your consideration. 

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