20 Percent

20 Percent

Cal Cohen wakes up in a stranger’s bed with no memory of what happened the night before, or any other night.

He’s promptly kicked out and forced to try and retrace his steps. His phone is his only guide, and it’s at 20 percent. With not much else to go off of, Cal must re-discover the man he was, and decide if that’s the man he still wants to be.

“Yooo I told MIKE you must have been on some blackout shit, you were fucked up. You just showed up with some dudes and then like 10 minutes later you got kicked the fuck out.” -Chingles

A Story About Memory Loss and Regret
20 Percent
  • Character List

    Cal Cohen (Protagonist)
    Sex: Male – Age:24-26
    Bio: Cal Cohen grew up in a very strict family with a very strict religion. Even from a young age, he was an impressionable kid. After following their rules for most of his life, he decided he wanted to be his “Own Man”, like the entrepreneurs he saw all over Facebook and Instagram. He strikes out on his own and immediately falls to the seduction of the city night life. But now, Cal has amnesia and can’t remember anything about himself. He has only the vague impressions he left on people and the glamorous life he claims to have online to guide him home.

    Gwen Jones
    Sex: Female – Age: 23-26
    Bio: A Live-Fast-Die-Young sort of gal, working her ass off every day so she can party all night. For her, life is all about living in the moment and stressing as little as possible. Things have a way of working out for her. Recently had a one night stand with a man who no longer remembers who he is.

    Mike Goodwin
    Sex: Male – Age:27-30
    Bio: He’s a party guy with a short temper. He’s the oldest of his friend group, and the only one with a house, so most of the parties happen at his place. When the music is pumping and tequila is flowing he couldn’t be happier, but cleaning up the next morning really kills his buzz.

    Sex: Male – Age:35-40
    Bio: Chingles lives life one day at a time. Planning too much can harsh your flow, you know? He’s always open to new experiences, new ideas, new party drugs, you name it. Sure, it gets him into some sticky situations, but the worst nights make the best stories, right? Right now he’s sitting in a bathtub, wondering where his pants went…

    Eliza Cohen (Mother)
    Sex: Female – Age: 55-60
    Bio: Cals mother and someone who holds religion in high regard. She believes the church and God are the only ways to live your life. Eliza is heartbroken when her oldest son breaks away from that and chooses a life of sin. The Church told her to cut all ties from him, but she loves him so much. She can’t leave him all by himself.

    Dan Jackson (BarTender)
    Sex: Male – Age: 30-33
    Bio: He is stern, and straight to the point. You want a beer? Done. Talk shit? Get hit. Start trouble in his bar and he will (with a straight face) throw your ass to the curb.

    Aaron Alister (Uber Driver)
    Sex: Male – Age: 35-40
    Bio: An average joe and recovering alcoholic. He took a gig as an Uber Driver to meet new people. He’s a chatterbox with an opinion on everything and the best intentions at heart, even if he sounds a little preach-y. A kind man who, even when dealing with a nut like Cal, still strives to give good advice that might change this man’s life.

    Laura Carter (Bouncer)
    Sex: Buff Female – Age: 27-30
    Bio: The buffest, coolest, most out there tough lady you will ever meet. She holds one expression around others to intimidate them, but behind closed doors she is a very sweet lady. She goes to the gym every day like it is her life, then straight to work at the club.

    Mark Delaney (Gas Station Attendant)
    Sex: Male – Age: 16-20
    Bio: A kid trying to make a living. This is his first job, and he’s taking it a little too seriously. A total tryhard.

    Elderly Couple – Female
    Age: 80-89 (Non-speaking, featured Extras)
    Bio: lovely old lady who loves her husband of 55 years with all her heart. Will be going out to buy food and pick up her husband’s meds.

    Elderly Couple – Male
    Age: 90-99 (Non-speaking, featured Extras)
    Bio: An old WWII vet who loves his wife of 55 years so much. He has trouble moving around so his wife helps get things from outside the house.

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